Thursday, 15 September 2016

new beginnings - 30r20 70% HRR - energie gym

So looking at joining Energie Gym which is just round the corner from my office and basically the only realistic way i can possibly get to a erg during lunch - which is when I do the bulk of my training - went down today to test it out. Two ergs - one had a drag of 197 and broken foot strap :o( the other had a max drag of 118 :o( so I used that one and did 30r20 (ish) at 70% HRR - went OK - although I'm looking forward to me knee stop hurting - guess that's going to be a while after the running marathon Saturday .. oops. I was quite surprised that during my 30 minutes - 3 separate people came over to use the erg that was spare - although they couldn't as the foot strap was knackered - then I looked at the monitor after to check what people where doing ... seems likely they are used for warm ups of 5 minutes :o(

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