Friday, 16 September 2016

forgot how much that hurt - 4by500 1:30r

popped out for a quick session at lunch - has to be in order to get there and back and showered .... unless I skipped the shower ... hmmm maybe not. Anyway flicking back to before the time away from the erg I spotted a 8by500 r24 at sub 1:35 pace - so thought that would be grand to do ...

Got to the gym - changed and ready to go - out to the two ergs and they'd used the strap I gave them to fix one - fantastic - oh wait both the ergs are in use... so a few minutes wait and a very short warm up then programmed the 500's - young lad jumped on next to me and i caught him doing sub 1:40 splits at sub 30 rate and thought he looked quite smooth - about ten seconds after i started my 1:34 r26 he got off - hope it wasn't because of what I was doing. anyway on I went but nearly sacked it off after the first but rated to 26 to see me through - the next three where quite the struggle and new I'd need to end on the 4th - some good must have come from it ... anyway tomorrow I run a marathon and then I'll start planing how I'm going to get the training done.

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