Friday, 30 September 2016

OCD Nightmare!! 60r20 80% HRR

So more engine building work today - up at 5am as usual - quick breakfast and coffee - dogs walked - drive into Cork then into gym and ready to go for 6:30am the plan at the offset was 60r20 and off I set - early on I sat reasonably comfortable on 1:50 so went with that keeping a eye on the HR hit the first split on 1:50.3 and so foccused on that for the splits - just before midway I felt that for today at least a cap of 80% HRR was in order and so hit the first four splits on 1:50.3 and HR reached 160 so peeled back the pace to what I felt I could crank the back four splits out - so fifth split at 1:53.9 and new target acquired - as I approached the end I saw the predicted finish flick around and then realised it would be close to 16061 - so - the OCD nightmare - do I hit the splits exactly or the finish meters... LOL the things we do to pass the time on the erg

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