Thursday, 10 April 2014

**** 60min PB **** - emptying the tanks ;-)

Jonathan Doyle's blog popped into my mind during this session - so a little homage to him "emptying the tanks"  :-D

So this morning my alarms didn't go off as I turned them off yesterday as the baby woke me before they went off - so although I was still up early - by the time I got to work I didn't really have time to do more than 20 minutes erg'ing - so instead I got to my desk 30 minutes early and bolted that onto my lunch - giving me enough time to do a 60min TT which I missed at the weekend (as I did the FM instead)

In the work gym as my little room was in use - set up and got my music on - but during my warm up I got some funny looks about the music so I turned it off and went in "stealth mode" - the target was to set off and hold 1:42.9 (PB was 1:43.5 - 17,394m with an eye on Sam Blythe's 17,414m entry in the rankings) after the initial "panic" which I get when setting off on a TT I settled in for the pain - Q had posted recently about his 30r20 row saying "as the pain increases the clock decreases" and with that in mind I just held of the pain - to be fair it wasn't that bad - never is .. till the end. I found myself sat on 1:42.5 pace and just decided to hold it - again a conversation with Sam recently about holding it tough through the middle third came to mind and that I did. Some distractions in the gym with people doing odd things - but I kept focused and knew with 15 minutes to go I would make it - I could even drop the pace to 7min 2k and still get what I wanted - instead I squeezed it on to empty the tanks. Which by the last 3 minutes where gone (at least the oxygen was) as I blew the carbon off hard.

Garmin result

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