Monday, 18 September 2017

Skierg option - 10k and 30 min HRR 70%

The Mrs is in hospital at moment, 26 weeks pregnant and needs a bit of observation but all is well now we believe. This means that I can't get out to the shed with the daughter in bed to row but I can complete this weeks session by jumping on the skierg - was supposed to be a 45 min r18 2r 30 min r18 70% HRR so I converted that to be a 10k and 30  min on the skierg - I ended up rating around 36 and just tried to push the HR up to 146.

10k r36 TE 3.2 Ave HR 133 Max HR 147
30 min r36 TE 3.3 Ave HR 140 Max HR 149

I believe, by virtue of no one else logging/claiming them, they are Irish 40-49H records

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