Friday, 8 September 2017

1min r20 blast (by 4) 30r18 70% HRR

Scheduled to do a few 1 minute r20 power blasts today :o) was hoping I'd manage to dip under 1:30 ave - but not to be I'm afraid. Four attempts in all - 1st one the erg went walk about so weighted it down for following attempts, second one I lost my seating and third one so fourth one I added a C2 seat pad but couldn't get the split down - still not too bad at least I still have some oomph which ain't bad considering I don't use weights other than to hold down my erg lol the 30 minutes after was just a paddle.

rep 1 - 1:32.0 (came in as r21 but that's due to erg jumping)
rep 2 - 1:30.6 r20 (shown in videos below)
rep 3 - 1:30.6 r20
rep 4 - 1:30.9 r20

30r18 70% HRR 7,880m 1:54.2

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