Sunday, 24 September 2017

Monday came round early.. 30r20

What with moving our daughter to her bigger bedroom - which entailed dismantling and moving a king-size bed and a super king-size bed, plus painting the new room pink.. and all the prep work involved alongside a thorough deep clean of the dogs shed (they have a 8ft by 10ft double lined, laminate floored, all day access, insulated roof, double glazed "shed"..) meant training on Friday and Saturday took a hit so I messaged Q to see if it would be a good idea to pull Mondays session forward or catch up the missed sessions. 30r20 it was.. Take advantage of the "rest"...

Last week I pulled 1:46.2 8,468m so today I wanted to get into the 1:45 territory. Mission accomplished although the third to last split took a hit as I battled the rhythm but managed to regain it and push on.

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