Friday, 5 July 2013

2k time - with Video

Well it seems to be 2k time in Q-Power (i've been a little out of sync with the training plan recently what with the baby, Mrs redundancy, RowStrongForBoston etc - but the rest of the team have been training hard and yesterday and today the majority of them have been knocking off 2k's - great - thank guys FFS :lol: ) so with that in mind I thought I'd better get one done and share the pain. Legs still complaining from the CTC on Tuesday and last night I went out on a hour long bike ride to burn some calories as I had actually gained a kg somehow (it worked and I'm back down again now to 110.5kg)

Bike ride details here ==> bit slow according to Pete M ( :lol: ) but in my defence there is a bloody hill in the middle!

Oh wait - you came for the 2k didn't you - OK through the warm up and did think that maybe the legs where too burnt - but then decided that come a race day legs burnt or not I'm still going to have to suck it up - so I did - the plan - well 1:33 flat for the first 1500m and then try and dip under 6:10 ....

stupid 0.3 of a second - OK so the legs did hold me back in the end - but when I think that I basically only decided to do the 2k this morning off no speed work at all (in fact I've been doing low rate work only for three or more weeks) then I can't complain too much - onwards and upwards!

Now to be honest I know without even looking at the video my technique was horrid today – I put that down to not working on any speedwork recently – and I’m sticking to that excuse! :lol:


  1. I'm inclined to put your lack of technique down to Yorkshire....

    I'm wondering why your displayed HR should have dropped a non-trivial 7 bpm in the last 250. Maybe Q will have an opinion -- assuming it's not a monitor artifact and actually happened, you may well have massive creatine stored in your muscles and tapped it bigtime in the final sprint. If that's the case, and you can figure out to apportion the energy systems a bit better, you almost certainly can go 5 or 6 seconds faster on present fitness/form (if that last term can be used descriptively)....

    Oh, and Hywel says well done. I'm sure of it.

  2. Don't know why stupid Google Blogger isn't picking up my handle (NavHaz)....