Tuesday, 16 July 2013

**** 30r20 PB ****

OK - I officially do not understand this malarkey anymore

I’m suffering from a mild Vertigo attack (or whatever it’s called – “attack” sounds a bit drastic) so the last couple of days have been a dizzy spinning haze – just about managing to get what needs to be done done (feed baby – wash bottles – feed/walk dogs – get to work – get what I can done etc) but other than that I’ve been sleeping – was late into work this morning as I couldn’t wake and slept for two hours yesterday evening – it’s the only time the world doesn’t feel hazy – well that and when I erg for some odd reason – even so I was tempted not to erg today – the only reason I did is because I’m likely to miss tomorrow as we have a “team building” afternoon in work.

So the plan was to go down and after a 1k warm up do 30r18 HRR 70% - but decided that was too hard as it meant banging out 1:48/49’s so thought I’d go for a 30r20 and cap it at 160 (80% HRR) – and off I set – then it happened – the stroke became long – the legs didn’t feel like lead – the headphones stayed in my ears and I erg’d with ease – well while it’s there lets have it – and I did – in fact I could have gone 8700+ I reckon – next time hey :-D

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