Saturday, 11 November 2017

4by750 3r - if there is a more brutal row to do after a week off....

please don't tell me what it is cos I don't want to know lol

so started painting a welsh dresser last week we got, it was pine, it's now grey/green (looks better than it sounds) and that turned into redecorating the entire kitchen ... so ceiling prepped and painted, walls prepped and painted, woodwork... tiled floor I actually got down and scrubbed by hand (well with a scrubbing brush) and that meant being up till 2 am one night, then the kitchen table got repainted to match the dresser - this combined with sorting the two family cars out with services and tests and new tires and day to day stuff sucked up my life, the reason is I'm starting a new job next week and we've a baby due in December which means it's all hands to the pump to get things sorted.

OK today we got the last of the stuff done so I got the opportunity to row - I decided to have a crack at the 4by750 which I had scheduled last week and I felt would give me the best training benefit. Not sure where to pin it - needed to keep the rate down as I didn't want to burn the lungs so originally thought r28 1:32 pace - but then after the warm up figured r30 would be wiser.

First rep was not too bad so on the second rep I went a little harder, the third rep was OK until the last 300m then I had to back of a little. Rep 4 and the fun began in earnest when I finally got to the last 200m I was dropping back to 1:35 pace so - switched the brain off and just rode the pain, it was brutal, managed to get over the line and then had a little lie down lol

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