Friday, 3 November 2017

6by1min 1r - maybe not as bad as I thought

Bat man... felt more like Fat man.. by the end I was lying on the floor fecked man lol schedule called for 6by1 min on 1 min rest - not really sure where to target it so went with my recent 2by1min pace of 1:27 and see how I got on but deliberately increased the rate to 34 in order to get the lungs working - that plan worked. After warming up I felt flat as a pancake - in fact I started the first rep and stopped as I was just not switched on and need to be on these to look after the back. After the 4th one I really wanted to quit but decided to crack on and try to shut down that part of the brain... it worked - felt like getting sick after the 6th and had a little lie down for myself. Definitely need to drop some more bey weight but now after looking back at previous scores today's was actually pretty good considering.

1:26.8 r34 TE 2.7 Max HR 174

7th October 2016 - 1:29.2
18th July 2014 - 1:26.4 (40 age group PB)

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