Wednesday, 24 August 2016

East Coast Harbour Marathon - #runnin


At the end of 2015 my wife and I were delighted to learn that we would be blessed to have a baby due on the 17th August 2016. We were aware at an early stage that the pregnancy wasn't going to be "easy" but then we found that our baby wasn't growing as much as it could be. At this point we started having move regular scans and tried to identify the reason. Friday the 13th of May we had results back that identified the baby had what's known as "Edwards Syndrome"

"The conditions are associated with severe mental handicap and several physical defects. Most affected individuals die before or soon after birth and they rarely survive beyond the first year of life."

Our beautiful angel fought on though and got to a point in time that meant the best possible timing for the worst possible outcome - we've all said that Louis Joseph looked after his mummy and he did so till the end. His little heart stopped beating and on July the 13th 2016 he was "delivered to the angels".

So in honour of his fighting spirit and memory I took on the East Cork Harbour Marathon  - the full marathon - I had a few people doubt I'd make it weighing in at over 17 stone and being 6'4" I'm not exactly built for distance running. I finished in 5 hours 7 minutes and to boot I really enjoyed the experience - having a few difficulties with calluses on my feet - especially the left - but other than that all good. I even had the pleasure of meeting two lovely ladies who guided my round Eimear and Ann - and even stopped for a coffee in Inch at about 20 miles lol.

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