Saturday, 19 January 2019

Irish Indoor Rowing Championships 2019

Had my daughter Lilly with me as a coach for the day :) bless her she's only six but took it in her stride.

Nearly missed the start of the 1km as I was listening to the commentator as I glanced down I saw the "ROW" on the screen and didn't even have the handle in my hand!! So bent down and grabbed it and let fly - a little harder than I liked but it worked and I managed to control most of the rest of the race for the win.

The 2k was a lot more controlled from the start and I managed the race for the win, no heroics just ground through it.

Lastly the 500m and a similar story of control for the win.. Until the last half a dozen strokes when I was rowing through treacle, finished on a 1:28 but the average was 1:20.5 so win secured.

Met a huge amount of people, some old and some new and all delighted to take lilly under there wings which I'm so thankful for as she probably enjoyed the day more than I



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