Sunday, 21 January 2018

Irish Indoor Rowing Championship 2018

Huge thanks to my beautiful wife for looking after our kids (6 week old babies take a lot of looking after lol) yesterday which meant I could row in the Irish Indoor Rowing Championship. Since the babies arrival (Adam) coupled with a new job (45 min to a hour commute each way) training took a hit, four weeks off completely and only back for two weeks. Also increased in weight (not a bad thing for the 500m but the 2k felt like I was dragging an anchor..). Wasn't going to go until the last minute but off I set. Was fantastic to see old friends and meet new. Amazed by the struggles people go through yet keep smiling. Signed up for the 1k, 2k and 500m. Everyone of them a close race but managed to win the three. So a gold medal for each of the kids. Lilly said she would look after Louis's as he's up in heaven. Love to all and to all keep going.

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