Saturday, 31 December 2016

8by500 1m30s rest - Happy New Years

Well after the 2k tester three days ago I was all eager to start the process of slowly destroying myself on the erg via speed sessions and power endurance aiming to build a sub 6:10 2k for the Irish on Jan 23rd. Life did its usual trick and few a few things in the air which ended yesterday with me doing a round trip to ikea in Dublin which is about 6 hours driving and got home around 9:30pm. By the time I'd walked the dogs, unpacked some of the car and gathered myself it was 1am. As I still need to put together the five wardrobes today I was pretty much ruling out training today as well. But, woke up at just before 6am and thought feck it lets go training. Bag was ready from two days ago so started warm up at 7am and then set the 8by500 1m30s aim was simply get through it at r30 1:33 pace which I figured might be tricky enough. At half way I decided to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and upped the pace. Let me say that the first 4 reps weren't exactly easy but I know that in order to progress you need to get the training done. Bearing in mind the current situation I'm very happy with the outcome :-)

I wish you all a great new year, 2015 I thought was bad for me having got cramps in the first 500m of the world indoor rowing championship finals in February to then go through the back issues I had resulting in a operation in August 2015 to remove part of a disc. 2016 however has been a year I would not wish on anyone with losing our son after him being diagnosed during the pregnancy with Edward Syndrome coupled with losing my job not to mention other troubles. Surely 2017 has to be better.

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