Monday, 23 January 2017

A new start 30r20

I've been thinking and made the decision to put everything I can into getting that sub 6 2k -  it's why I started this and although things have come up which have caused me to drift of course and certain life events have come close to finishing me off completely in rowing terms I'm standing strong and determined. In that vein I started today with a 30r20 initially aimed at a 80% HRR to get me back into them and thought I'd be OK to sit sub 1:45 pace at the start and let that drop back to keep the HR limit (160bpm for 80% HRR) however as the attached screen shot shows that wasn't within my current "fitness" level as I was dropped back to 1:50 pace and hr pushing over 170. Rather than deter me it kept me going as I realised that my efforts on Saturday where probably greater than I thought especially that 2k off the back of the 1k. So yes the times weren't that fast but factoring in today's session I feel a lot better about what I accomplished. We have a new baseline and I have twelve months minimum work ahead of me. Just my thoughts at the moment. 

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