Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Prepared to go slow to get quick

One of the biggest problems when committing to a long term rowing plan is the ability to go slow in order to get quick - and also have the understanding of the discipline required and what it changes in you both physically and mentally. It's taken me over five years but I think I made progress... Today was 60r20 75% HRR and the pace ended up being slower than yesterday's r18 (normally I'd expect to be slightly quicker at 20). This can lead to frustration but it's at this point we (i) need to remember that if I want to go as "fast" as I can in twelve months or so then I need to commit to a plan i know work's which is building the "engine" which means keeping it ticked over at also it's important to note that sticking with a rate from start to finish creates a mental discipline which is so important come race day.

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