Sunday, 11 August 2013

50k @23 - a lesson in stubbornness

The first question is why? Why did I just row 50,000m in one go - non stop - the answer - "because I could" ie the Mrs was out and I got my household chores done yesterday ;-) I don't get a lot of opportunities to knock through long rows so I grab them when I can. Also I wanted to test my resolve on these bum numb'rs (s) - I will be honest - it got tested quite a few times - at the start it was more "this is boring why don't I ditch it and go out on the bike?" in the middle is was "ok this is starting to grate my butt and make my back sore is it worth carrying on?" in the last 3k I felt like crap - only had 3lt of zipvit sports drink set up - no food that I normally have (jellies and Jaffa cakes) so maybe low energy (combined with not really eating much before I started at 2pm) in fact it was hell on the erg - but that's why we do these things - test the metal - today we passed ;-)

OK anyone know the film I was watching - last 3 hours 10 minutes - perfect :-)


  1. I thought I posted a comment, but it does not appear to be hear. Anyway, I said well done for completing it.
    I don't know the film from the still.
    I've been watching Michael Moore films. They help pass the time and are interesting.
    Maybe ... you deleted my comment .... :-)

  2. Ah, that 'hear' should have been 'here'. If I don't keep a good look out, I tend to do these things.
    My first comment was not there as I failed to type in some characters that had appeared that I had to repeat, to ensure I was not some automatic reply or something.

    1. Cheers Gary - two comments showing :o) and the film "Das Boot"

  3. I watched Taken today on the erg. OK, but twaddle.

  4. Great effort Paul. Only done the 50 once on my 50th birthday and took 3:45 to get it dome so understand the numb'er. Don't have any plans for a long one soon as aiming for 1000000 over the year.

    Keep going :O :-)