Friday, 18 November 2016

define your day don't let the day define you - Age PB 40-49H Marathon

So today is my last day in the office - after 10.4 years my role has been made redundant and so I'm off to pastures new - just popping in to collect a few things and go for lunch so with that in mind and the Crazy Bear challenge  in full swing I plumped for a full marathon today - and as my age group PB for the full marathon was only 1:57.1 pace (2:44:43.7 my overall PB is 2:28:30.8 1:45.6 pace) I figured I could break that age group PB easily enough (I did think it was still the Irish record but having just looked at the rankings I discovered Ally Cooper pulled 2:39:06.3 in October 1:53.1 - balls really should have checked that before starting lol) so with a target of 1:54 in mind off I set - had a few moments of doubt - not because of anything other than the ache of such distance - still dug in and kept going - just after 2 hours the fire alarm went off and although one of the instructors popped over and tried to communicate it to be (headphones in) the manager then came over and told me to carry on (only stopped for a moment) so in the end I managed 2 hours 42 minutes 19.9 seconds (was trying to get 2:42:19.5 - 42195 being the marathon distance) this was done at r22 75% HRR for the majority of it - and thanks to Ally I have a new target :o)

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