Wednesday, 30 November 2016

1k TT not a great way to do it... C2CTC

So after being made redundant I lost my way a little and last rowed a HM on the 20th November - prior to that I have only rowed HM's and FM's other than a play at a 500m on the 7th - I had my skierg arrive on the 28th and played a bit that day - yesterday I did a HM on it - why not ....

so today being the last day of the month meant the last date for a 1k TT for the paddypower CTC boat - after a day of driving around trying to find a new car and doing a few jobs (including joining a new gym local to me with) meant I was getting changed to do a 1k TT at 10pm at night of the back of no race pace work at all... sure perfect set up .... usual race warm up on the model B (which really needs new rollers) in the shed at about 3 degrees C and off I set - idea was r30 target 1:32 - went a little better - throat is burning now and lovely to taste some blood at the end lol

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