Monday, 7 November 2016

Control the controllable - HM r22 HRR 75% ish....

Well life has thrown another swerve ball at me last week - unable to say what exactly for a week or so but lets just say it's another life changing event - so two things I can do - curl up and cry or stand up and try and take that one step at a time - as this month is Movember and as I have signed up to ROWvember  set up by Cameron Nichol

Globally, the rate of suicide is alarmingly high, particularly in men. Too many men are ‘toughing it out’, keeping their feelings to themselves and struggling in silence. The Movember Foundation is aiming to reduce the rate of male suicide by 25% by 2030, and I want to help them get there. Help me stop men dying too young.

 so with that in mind and the upcoming "Crazy Bear" challenge of rowing a HM which is

As usual the challenge is to row or ski 30 Half Marathons in 44 days on either a Concept2 rowing machine or ski-erg. Starting 10th November at 00:05 running through till Finishing 24th December at 23:55 Start & finish times will run in accordance with your own Time Zone
I decided to have a try at a HM to see where I am - the back got the OK to go last Thursday and on Friday I did two 20 minute pieces with no ill effects so at least that's one thing going the right way....

Also I took in my PM5 to the gym which meant I could hook up my HR to the screen as well as the Fenix watch :o)

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