Wednesday, 26 June 2013

**** 5K PB ****

And becoming religious – well in as much as I’ve started saying hail mary’s every time I spray that “spray plaster” on my butt – I do think it’s working though – not as much of a sting in the shower after today’s training – oh wait – you want to know about the erg? :lol:

Well – after two days of HRR 70% 30r20’s I needed to get some blood pumping – short on time as I am busy in work with my colleague of I opted for the 5k TT (with 5k warm up) – wearing the full Q-Power shorts and race top I headed into the torture room with a plan of hitting 1:39’s and a fast finish – so through the 5k race warm up feeling lethargic and noting that I’m shifting my weight on the drive to compensate for the grazed butt I wasn’t looking forward to the piece – but then as a guy in the C2 forum has said – “bad warm up – good TT” (it doesn’t always work but I think we both tell ourselves that lie to get on with it :lol: )

So 5k set and in we went – targeting 1:39’s on 28 errrr found myself hitting 1:37’s and 38’s @30 oh well stick with it and see what happens – breathing was the worse bit to be honest – and nerves for some reason – the first two minutes I just felt really nervous – weird – but got through that and managed to keep reasonable control – then about 3k from the end it started to bite – the old HD demons came a flocking – dropped pace to 1:40 for a few splits and then pulled myself back together – snot and phlem flew freely :lol: - managed to squeeze it on at the end and dip under the current number 1 ranked 5k piece on the C2 rankings – nice – 24 seconds of (what was a weak) PB

Like to finish hard – the call to Beowulf was a late rally today though

HR not too bad


  1. Next gadget ought to be one with some of these stats!

    *) Full cardio graph?
    *) Temperature
    *) Brainwaves

  2. lol - temp would be good and humidity - not sure it would pick up any brain waves from me ;o)