Friday, 21 June 2013

HM @23 HRR 75% - Row Strong For Boston

As it's summer solstice today (C2 like people to row 21k - sadistic - I love em) it seemed to make sense to crank out a HM on target pace/stroke for the FM next Sunday (30th June in aid of Boston Childrens Hospital) also as the baby shifted her feeding slightly it meant I was in work 45 minutes early which I was able to combine with my lunch and afternoon break in order to fit it in - so no getting away from it :lol: towel and vasline sorted and after a 500m warm up (system test) I set off - no real issues other than a little thirsty - will have the camelbak set up next to me for the FM

Quite happy with the result

Strokes and Drive

Not a big "cost" to the system

HR Maxed at 154 so that bodes well

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