Tuesday, 25 June 2013

30r20 HRR 70% (146) more butt grating

On the way home from work last night on a member of the C2’s forum I tried to get some Germolyne "New Skin" - they don't sell it in Ireland - so I got “spray plaster” instead

You'll be pleased to know they sting as much as "new skin" the Mrs took pleasure in administering two lots of it - I'm sure I only needed one - but she assured me two was needed  :shock:

So today i did consider not erg'ing as I packed my bag with my Godfrey Q-Power padded shorts - ye like I'm going to not erg for the want of a mere skin graft

The plan I decided was to stick with the 30r20 HRR 70% - knowing that the pain from these "injuries" tends to wear off after a few minutes - towel on seat off I set - 30 minutes late it still friggin stung on every back swing! Of course I then took the towel off for the cool down and not an ounce of pain – stupid feckin towel

Still Meters in the bank and tomorrow I will see how I get on without the towel with the Godfrey shorts – oh yes – I decided to administer the spray myself after my shower – the reaction was pretty comical as I launched the can across the changing rooms with an expletive every second – luckily no one was there to see my tears  :lol:

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