Wednesday, 11 October 2017

2k r24 taster

Been helping a friend today replace a shed roof... well when I say shed it's block wall, glazed and has a toilet, 14 foot by 16 foot.. would make a lovely erg shed :) and when I say help.. he got called away so I spent the morning removing the old torched on felt, 6 by 4 foot ply and 4 by 2 beams myself... he appeared back as the last beam was removed and it stopped raining.. lol then we got started on the new roof - the spin home turned eventful when his gearbox went and so to make it easier for the friend we called to tow the car we did a u-turn across three lanes... Back home eventually and after a catch up with my ladies and the dogs walked still needing to bath the cob webs, spiders, moss, rotten wood and woodlice of me I went out for a row - short on time as I need to be up at 5:30 am again tomorrow I opted for a rate restricted 2k target 1:40 r24

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