Sunday, 8 October 2017

30 min TT 8,690m 1:43.5 r26

HR max 174 Ave 159 TE 3.5

Took yesterday off... Well I didn't get a chance to row - plus the 1min r20 blew my legs so decided extra day rest would be a good idea. Then woke this morning with a very sore back, put my back brace on and had a brisk dog walk and warmed it up then after a day off being out and looking after my ladies I got out and warmed up to see how I went. Target was sub 1:45 plan was r26 and hold 1:44.9 - once I got underway I was on 1:44 for the start so went with it and for once the breathing went well. Legs didn't give any grieve at all until about halfway and then only minor. Heart I don't have to worry about - plenty of excess capacity there.

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