Wednesday, 18 October 2017

60r18 75% HRR - plus 2by1min 1r

Another day where I could happily have stayed indoors and watched TV ... well I would have been happy for a few minutes until I got restless lol so out to the shed at the bottom of the garden in my shorts and vest with headphones and phone to watch netflix (tonight was headhunters episode 2) 60 minutes set up and off I went - forgot how "tough" these easy sessions are once the heart and lungs are getting up to speed - nothing easy about rating 18 sub 1:50 pace for a hour lol still it's also pleasing to see the pace develop and not quite sub 1:50 yet but happily sub 1:51 with 16,224m 1:50.9 HR ave 150 TE 3.6 Max HR was 157 (target 153) and that was because I started thinking about hammering the two by 1 min - Jeff I blame you for that :o)

1min 368m 1:21.5 r40
1min 350m 1:25.7 r35

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