Sunday, 22 October 2017

Been a bit stormy ... 2k r26 sub 6:30

So after thinking we'd escaped the tail end of Ophelia (storm/hurricane) it turns out she'd actually turned our satellite dish upside down and moved tiles on the roof which needed sorting before Storm Brian turned up.. that combined with two days of moving concrete slabs and emergency trips to the DIY store left little time for rowing. Still managed at about 9:30pm tonight to see some light at the end of this tunnel - got the TV sorted so Mrs is happy, bathed and fed the daughter so she was happy, walked and fed the dogs so they are happy and bought a chainsaw lol so I'm delighted - now I need more storms to knock a few trees down harmlessly so I can chop em up :o) oh ye the row - so I figured after a r24 1:40 pace effort a week or so back I could muster a r26 1:38 which is where I started but as I was a tad quicker at the start and saw the sub 6:30 pop up I figured Q would prefer that so went for the 1:37.5 ave (slightly faster) still funny to think that's only slightly faster than my 5k PB.

HR Max 173
TE 2.4

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