Tuesday, 24 October 2017

24 Million lifetime meters - 60r18 70% HRR and 2by1min 1r

So tonight I crossed the 24 million meters mark and all I got was this lousy certificate lol - I'm joking - I love my C2 certs :) but looking forward to 25 million and the "additional prizes" :o) so the row was a simple 60r18 70% HRR but I knew from sitting on the erg that the HR was reading a little high and true to form the overall meters dipped on recent rows of the same ilk (1:52.1 ave last time vs 1:53.0 today) could be one of a few factors, nothing major but good to have the HR figures there to keep it in check. Didn't really look forward to the 2by1min - it's late, dark, cold and damp - but go them done and now to rest and recover.

15,929m 1:53.0 Ave HR 142 Max HR 150 (got to stop thinking about 2k's during these rows) TE 2.6

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