Monday, 30 October 2017

30r20 SB

So another couple of days without a row, went out last night, late, but after five minutes I just didn't have the energy and came in. Another day of helping the father in law with painting today, then home and pumpkin carving :) put Lilly to bed and got dogs walked then a cup of coffee to try and get some get up and go.... only just worked and after about two songs into the warm up I heard the sound track from Louis's 3D scan of his heart beating :) after that no mattee what happened I couldn't really stop tonight's row.

So off I set on a 30r20 started hard and it wasn't too bad at the start but with 12 minutes left I was telling myself that the only way I was stopping was if something broke (me or the erg) or I puked (and I said if I puked I'd carry on) as I got to the end I pushed myself to break my seasons best.

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