Monday, 4 August 2014

30r20 TT - trying to stop stopping

Well another three days gone without training - Friday, Saturday and Sunday and very nearly Monday as well - to be honest I've been getting pretty fed up with not being able to train as and when I want - but with a sub2 year old in the house (who I can't actually spend enough time with during her waking hours) the better half and our wedding to sort (who to be fair as done pretty much everything - although I do have to remind her that if I hand't actually "popped the question" then it wouldn't be happening at all and therefore she hasn't actually done everything - OK that one is wearing thin  :lol: ) work which is always a challenge as I now deal with various databases and pulls on my time - the dogs who I don't spend nearly enough time with (I'm actually sat out the back with them now as I type) so sometimes squeezing in the training volume I would like to do (not necessarily what Q wants - he's pretty flexible and understanding - but I feel this need to keep pushing) so basically ye I'm about as busy as most adults in the world. So tonight the Mrs and I went to the cinema - we watched Hercules - it got the goosebumps up and I came home vowing to row - once the dogs where walked, the baby was entertained and put to bed and the Mrs was happy - so about 9:30pm then  :lol:

Schedule called for 30r20 TT - my blood was calling for CTC r20 or r24 - I decided to do the decent thing and do the 30r20 - not done one for a while it seemed - not rowed for almost 4 days - so decided to go cautious - aimed at 1:44 split - ducked under that at the start - then it got horrible and it was a case of trying not to stop - a habit I have developed of late is hitting the cancel button all too easy when I see a session isn't going the way I like - not tonight - may well be the worst time 30r20 I'll do this season - but in terms of toughness to get through it was right up there.

Result - I finished it and although the time is crap I'm happy anf the bag is packed for a session early tomorrow - lets stop stopping shall we

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