Monday, 18 August 2014

6by3m 2r - take myself to a place of pain and hold it

A big piece of the training at the moment involves us (Q-Power) taking ourselves into a pain place - AKA a lactic bath - and holding it there in order to force the body to overcome it and adapt to it. Unfortunately although my engine is all super duper now - I seem to suffer more on this end of the scale - which means only one thing - I need to  get used to it more than others and that's exactly how I was thinking going into the last few reps today - especially the last one where I could of just coasted in and got the time - instead I ramped up the pace and went sub 1:30 split for the last 30 seconds - oh what a lovely bath it was

Of course what is even funnier is due to lack of sleep last night my heads a little fussy - so Q asked me to target of +5 on 2k which meant 1:36.3 strictly - I dropped that to 1:36 which meant 937m target and set off - that somehow got translated during the row into 947m and that's 1:35.0 pace - oops - blowing like a good un at the end

Ave 1:34.5 for the six r32

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