Wednesday, 20 August 2014

6k - So long I'll miss you 30's group

So - quick tip - don't email Q and ask him if you can do a TT and expect him to say "no" - you'd think I'd learn - I don't - as today is my last row in the 30-39 group I asked if I could row 6k for that record as there isn't one set - he said yes and off I set downstairs - 4k warm up and then set off - had three or four people try and talk to me during it (I managed to keep quiet this time .. just) hated every minute of the row - couldn't quite manage the 1:38 target I set off for but reasonably happy with it as the legs are burned and the lungs nearly came out - had an almost permanent line of froth over my bottom lip for the last 2k - the breathing was so bad I had to apologies to the lady in there :lol:

So bye bye 30's group - I'll miss you - wish I could of got the sub6 2k, 9k 30min and sub 2:50 1k - but I'm still working on it - onwards and upwards

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