Monday, 25 August 2014

I hope you don't perceive me as a false prophet

The following was written by Adam Mell who was rowing all 9 pieces the same day. I think it's pretty cool


I hope you don't perceive me as a false prophet , for what i have to share is more than mere fable !

Gather round now my friends and take comfort from the fire . Listen well because I know you will want
to recount this many times yourself.

This is the Story of Beowulf and his Ergonauts.

A man so tall and strong it is said he could propel a long boat across the Irish Sea single handed.

His Ergonauts ..... all fine men ..........committed and loyal to the very last.

It is true that Beowulf swam against Brecker and fought the horrifying Grendel but what I have witnessed
surpasses all that has gone before.

I hear tell that a beautiful maiden captured our Hero's heart and that their union was completed by the arrival
of a bonny bouncing baby girl.

For years Beowulf scoured the globe looking for the perfect location to cosset his family.

When he witnessed the Emerald Isles he just knew this was meant to be.

However , as entrancing as this landscape was , it hid an even darker secret.

Over the years 9 daemons had come to lay claim to the riches and happiness of the local clans.

Some were small , others enormous , all ferocious but together they were unbeatable.

Whole armies would turn and flee when all 9 appeared on the battlefield.

Step forward our Hero . Without fear he announced to the communities that he could conquer these terrors , for he
knew that it was his destiny upon his coming of age .

Armed only with his shining silver Rail and shielded Fan he set out , alone, into the cool morning rain.

The Locals watched agog as he plunged down into the Valley of No Return.

One by one the Daemons spewed forth from the depths of Hell and one by one Beowulf cut them down.

Don't get to comfortable in your seat dear friend for this story is about to lurch from the path of predictability.

With 7 Daemons piled dead at his feet , there came a blood curdling deafening roar from a Daemon so wicked and huge ,
that even Beowulf took one step back. But it was only ONE!

The Daemon was upon him in a flash and it spewed venom on his skin and bit into his muscles and flung him to the ground.
It left him for dead and ambled back into it's cave leaving it's last remaining brethren to devour the carcass.

However, our Hero was far from finished and once the foe was within striking distance he summoned every last ounce of
strength to pierce it's black heart. Exhausted , Beowulf collapsed unconscious and injured , opposed by doubt and seemingly
impossible odds.

When exposed to the elements in such a manner time is of the essence. But the Gods were watching and the night was but cool
and the warming sun rose early. So it was to birdsong that our battered Hero awoke.

Binding his wounds and fortifying himself on berries from the meadow he quickened his resolve and headed straight into
the stifling , dingy abyss.

What went on down there , alone , against such a weight of expectation and ferocious opposition , I can only imagine.

But what we do know for sure is that all 9 Daemons succumbed !

Our Hero disappeared back into the arms of his loving family and to the adulation of a nation.

The Elders prophesy that over time more Daemons will loom over the horizon and in one more epic day , ten winters hence,
BEOWULF will return to fufill his destiny all over again.

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