Monday, 25 August 2014

Can't row today ...

so managed to get everything ready today - including getting the erg in the car only to get to work with no shoes/trainers for rowing - still went down and got changed - but the HR strap on and waited to feel the pain from the lack of skin that caused - but was fine - put me shorts on and vaselined my butt to ease the lack of skin issue and the back of my heels as i remember previous experience of shoeless erging ended in blisters on the heels. Got on the erg and tried about ten different ways to row including all the hole positions - straps on off and lose but to know avail - the only way I could of rowed would be with the heels slipping in and out of the plastic heel holder thing and that would end up in blisters - so had a long hot shower instead :o) the good news is I had no major pains from the butt or anywhere else.

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