Wednesday, 6 August 2014

6by2min 1rr

hmm - today’s session - 12by2min 1rr @2k +2 to +3 - so I thought about 1:33 should do it - 645m - it did something alright - started of feeling tired in the warm up and sluggish was hoping that would clear by the start of the session itself - it didn't. Still in the vein of ticking the session boxes I set off and after about 5 strokes "ping" the brass ring on the handle flew off - I kind of stopped and looked trying to work out what it was and once I realized I had to dig in to get the first rep back on target - not a great start but hit 646m so target achieved - but I was blowing hard - lungs really struggling - not sure if it's the humidity or lack of recent speed work but it was not a good sign – also struggled to get the rate up over 30spm for some reason – possible being half asleep – either way I was on for a fight from the first rep – by the third rep I was looking for the “get out clause” knuckled down to get 6 reps done but by that point I was really rasping in the breathing and just had to stop.

I did try to start again and just do the next 6 reps with a bit of a gap but me lungs where not co-operating

Pro’s & Con’s of the session
1) Didn’t get the 12 reps done
2) Couldn’t get the rate up

1) Got 12 minutes of work done at a fast pace
2) Burnt some calories

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