Friday, 29 August 2014

Q asks - Wulf delivers - 6by500m 1:30r

Q emailed me to ask to start looking back to the speed work with Bristol only 6 weeks off - so i was asked to slot in some 500's or minutes although reduce the pressure a little - so I targeted between 4 and 6 500's just to get the blood pumping.

After the race warm I dialed in the 500's with the 1:30 rest with a view to concentrating on one at a time. Get through a minimum of 4 and see how I was holding up (both knees and left shoulder upper arm been a little sore since 9in24). Seems I held up quite well with an average of 1:31.7 (although PB for 8by500 is 1:29.3) I actually mucked up as I though my PB was 1:30 something so set of targeting 1:33 as a starter and just see where it went. No wonder if felt reasonably easy - still puffing - but legs coped well. Found a lovely stroke/rhythm in the last couple of reps so very happy about that - I even managed to get the split down to 1:23 on the last stroke  ;-)

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